How to Add or Remove Members from Your YouTube Premium Family Membership

YouTube Premium

YouTube has gone through several makeovers after its launch in 2005. It allows you to listen to your favorite music, watch videos of your choice, know the recipe for a new dish, and learn new skills. Further, it allows you to create your own YouTube channels for fun or money making. 

There is one problem – ads – that interrupt you when you are watching your favorite movies or learning something new and interesting. YouTube Premium is a solution for that problem. You can keep watching your favorite things without any hassle or ads. 

YouTube Premium Family Membership – What Is It?

It allows you to share YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Premium, or YouTube TV membership with anyone in your family. You can use your personal Google account to set up and access the premium membership and share the same with your family members. It will help them enjoy themselves without any extra cost. You need to buy a YouTube Premium Membership plan to set up, create a family group, and share it with your family members.  

Steps to Add Members to Your YouTube Premium Family Membership

As a manager of your YouTube Premium Family Membership, you can invite up to 5 members to join it. The steps to add members to this plan are as follows:

  • Log into the Google account you have used for the YouTube Premium plan.
  • Click on the profile pic after going to your YouTube premium account. 
  • Go to the option, Purchases and memberships.

  • Click on the Edit option that will be next to the Family sharing settings tab. 

  • Click on the option – Invite family members.
  • Type the phone number or email address of your family members you want to invite or add to this membership.    
  • Choose the option – Send. There will be a notification when a person of your family accepts your invitation. 

Steps to Remove Members from Your YouTube Premium Family Membership

You have added members of your family to YouTube Premium Family Membership after buying and setting it. Now, you want to stop some of your family members from accessing this membership. The steps you need to follow to remove a family member from this membership plan are as follows:

  • Do sign in to the Google account you linked to buy YouTube premium membership. 
  • Click on your profile photo after going to the YouTube app or website. 
  • Now, go to the tab/option – Purchases and memberships
  • Click on the Edit option, which is next to Family sharing settings, after tapping on your membership. 
  • Choose the members one by one whom you want to remove from the premium membership plan. 
  • Tap on Remove to remove the selected members. 

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