Top 6 Fixes For Generac Error Code 2800

error code generac

Generac Error Code 2800 is an indicator for the open position of the Auxiliary Shutdown Switch. This switch is a critical component for the functionality of Generac Generator. It prevents the generator from being started and makes sure that the system is safe. When this switch is in the open position, it causes the error code on Generac generator. 

Load imbalance, loose connections, faulty voltage sensor, environmental factors, faulty voltage regulator, and internal issues are the causes of this error code. And as a user/admin, you need to fix this error code. Here are some easy steps for your support:

Step 1: Find the Auxiliary Shutdown Switch. It usually lies on the back or upper-left corner of your generator. 

Step 2: Make the Auxiliary Shutdown Switch in the closed position. For this, you need to depress the Closed side of the switch. 

Step 3: Check the Auxiliary Shutdown Switch on the inside of your generator. For this, you have to go to the control panel interface. 

Step 4: Clear the error code as you press down the Auxiliary Shutdown Switch . Do it when the control panel interface displays a message –   PUSH OFF, THEN ENTER TO CLEAR ALARM. Press the red off button. After that, press the gray Enter button. Now, press the green Auto button to set your Generac generator in completely automatic system operation. 

Step 5: Run your generator in the manual mode. For this, you just need to press the Manual button. There will be a blue LED light on the control panel when your generator goes into the Manual operation mode. 

Step 6: Make your generator come back into the Auto mode by pressing the green Auto button. 

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