7 Simple Ways to Add and Use Widgets to the Mac Desktop

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Widgets, a crucial aspect for the customization of the home screen, allow you to view the most crucial data and function of an app at a glance. You can easily move widgets across your device screen panels, resize them, and customize them as per your choice and need. Apple has brought adding home screen widgets to its Mac operating systems with the launch of macOS Sonoma. Earlier, the widgets apps were only with the Notification center of Apple computers. Now, you can add and use widgets on your mac desktop similar to your iPhone or ipad.   

Open the Widget Gallery on Your Mac Desktop   

Go to the bottom of the Notification center and tap on the Edit Widgets option. Otherwise, you can select Edit Widgets from the shortcut menu after Control-click on your desktop. 

Add a Widget from the Widget Gallery

Step 1: Select a widget in your widget gallery and drag it to a location on your Mac desktop. Or drag a widget to and from the Notification Center. Wrap files and folders on your desktop around the widget as per your need. 

Step 2: Or, tap a widget in your widget gallery when you want to add it to the area available on your desktop. You can start it from the top left corner.  

Interact with a Widget 

Step 1: Take a straight action on a widget on your Mac desktop as some widgets are interactive. For instance, you can add items on a to-do list in the Reminders widget, access your desktop home controls in the Home widget, and play/pause podcasts in the Podcasts widget. 

Step 2: Open an app on your iPhone and click on Continue if you tap on a widget area, which is not interactive. It will open the widget application and facilitate you to move ahead on what you were doing. 

Step 3: Click on Open an app on your iPhone to continue as you see it when you have installed a widget app on your iPhone but not on your Mac desktop.  

Resize a Widget 

Step 1: Do a control-click on a widget. 

Step 2: Select a size option from the menu if the widget is not available in your desired size. 

Remove a Widget 

Step 1: Select a widget and control-click on it. 

Step 2: Select the Remove Widget option from the menu. Otherwise, you can open your widget gallery, choose a widget, and tap on the minus (-) sign to remove a particular widget. The remove button/minus sign is in the widget corner. 

Change Widget Settings

Step 1: Control-click a widget on your Mac desktop. 

Step 2: Select the Edit option with a widget from the shortcut menu. 

Add iPhone Widgets to Your Mac Desktop

Step 1: Open the settings of Desktop & Dock on your Mac desktop after clicking on the System Settings application. 

Step 2: Find the option, Use iPhone Widgets. 

Step 3: Turn it on as you find this option. 

Step 4: Right-click on the desktop of your Mac. 

Step 5: Tap on the Edit Widgets option that you will find in the drop-down menu. 

Step 6: Search for a particular widget you use on your Apple phone, such as YouTube. 

Step 7: Click on the selected widget and a respective style to add it to your desktop. 

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