How to Fix Android Phone Stuck in Safe Mode

Android Phone Stuck

As an Android mobile user, you would know safe Mode. It is a useful tool for the identification of the source of problems in your smartphone. Using your phone in Safe Mode is not always good. You get frustrated when your Android mobile gets stuck in Safe Mode. 

What is Safe Mode on Android?

Safe Mode is a type of feature on Android mobiles that assists you to find out problems in your device if it is not working well. As you turn on Safe Mode, it prohibits all the extra applications you have on your smartphone. Only basic apps like Gmail and Google Maps that came with the phone run. Turning your phone into Safe Mode helps you know whether the problem is caused by a new application you have just installed.  

A third-party application may be behind the issue if it is fixed in Safe Mode. However, this feature does not exactly state that a particular app is causing the issue. To know which app is causing the issue, you need to make your phone come back to normal mode and find out what app/s you installed before the beginning of the issue. You can turn off or uninstall those apps. 

9 Ways to Fix Android Phone Stuck in Safe Mode 

Usually, it is a straightforward process to make your Android smartphone come out of Safe Mode. You need to follow certain ways for it if your mobile is stuck in Safe Mode or you are not sure how to come out of Safe Mode. Keep in mind some of these ways may not work for your mobile based on its model number, Android version, or manufacturer. The ways are as follows:

Restart your phone 

Restarting your phone can help you turn off Safe Mode. To restart your Android phone, you need to:

  • After pressing the power button, hold it until you see the power menu on your device screen. 
  • Choose Restart. 
  • Click on the Power off option if you do not see the Restart option. 

  • Wait until your mobile turns off completely. 
  • Turn it on again by pressing and holding the Power button. 

Find out faulty buttons 

Faulty buttons could make your Android phone stuck in Safe Mode. To activate Safe Mode, you usually press and hold the power button and volume up/down button together. So, it is possible there would be a problem with one or all of these buttons. To find out which button has an issue, you need to:

  • Remove the case from your Android mobile. 
  • Do careful examination of each button to be sure they are working well. 
  • Clean the edges around the power and volume up/down buttons. Use a soft and clean cloth piece for cleaning.  

Utilize physical buttons 

Using a particular key combination can help you make your phone exit Safe Mode. Here are the steps for this, 

  • Power off your smartphone and turn it on again by pressing and holding its power button. 
  • Wait for the appearance of your phone or Android logo. 
  • Press and hold the volume down button just after the appearance of the logo. Keep the button holding until the message Safe Mode Off appears on your screen. 

Look for notifications 

Certain Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy, have an alternative method to enable a user to make his/her phone come out of Safe Mode. If it is with you, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Swipe down your device screen from the top to see the notification panel. 
  • Click on the alert, Safe Mode is on. 
  • Choose the Turn-off option. 

  • Press the power button and keep it holding for a few seconds to turn it on and make your phone come back to normal mode as your device turns off completely. 

Check for hardware problems 

Hardware problems could also make your Android smartphone stuck in safe Mode. You can visit the service center or consult an experienced and reliable technician to get your phone checked. The technician will help you resolve the issue if detected and make your phone come back to its normal mode. 

Factory reset your phone 

Resetting your phone to its original settings can help you make your device exit Safe Mode. The steps to factory reset are as follows:

  • Go to General management and the Reset option after opening the Settings app on your mobile. 
  • Click on the option – Factory data reset. 
  • Choose Reset after scrolling down the options
  • Let your device remove everything and restore its factory setting. Your phone will be in the normal mode as the process ends. 

Clear cache on your Android mobile 

Corrupt data and collected cache can cause issues like Safe Mode sticking  to your phone. Follow the below-mentioned steps to clear cache:

  • Hold the power button to turn off your device. 
  • Press the power button and the volume down button together and keep them holding until your phone turns on. 

  • Select Wipe cache when your phone is in Recovery mode. 
  • Highlight the Reboot system with the use of the volume and power buttons when cache is cleared.  

Uninstall certain apps 

Some faulty apps could make your phone get stuck in Safe Mode. To make your phone come back to its normal mode, you need to identify and uninstall those apps on your device. 

  • Open the Settings application on your Android smartphone. 
  • Go to Apps by scrolling down the displayed options. 
  • Scroll down the list of apps to find out the suspicious ones. 
  • Click on the suspicious one as you find it out. 
  • Choose Uninstall and click on OK to confirm your request. 

Pull out the phone battery 

Removing the battery from your device can help you make it come out of Safe Mode. Keep in mind this method will work only when your device has a removable battery. 

  • Remove the back panel of your device. 
  • Pull out the battery from your phone. 
  • Wait for a few seconds. 
  • Insert the battery again to its place and keep the back panel on your device. 
  • Let your phone get turned on. Your phone will be in normal mode. 

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