How to Fix Kindle Not Charging

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In comparison with a physical book, a Kindle reader is more convenient to read and carry. It allows you to add books as per your need and access several useful features to facilitate your reading. As it is an electronic device, it may have issues by the end of the day on its constant usage. Kindle not charging is one of those issues. It means you cannot continue your reading session. You need to fix the problem. 

Eight Ways to Fix Kindle Not Charging 

Based on the hidden and visible problems, there might be several ways to fix the issue and make your Kindle get charged. Here are some effective steps for your assistance:

1. Restart your Kindle

Step 1: Press the power button and keep it holding for 40 seconds or longer.

Step 2: Wait until your Kindle reader robots. 

Step 3: Try charging it as the restarting process ends. 

restart kindle

2. Update your Kindle 

Step 1: Click on the Menu option/icon after going to the Home Screen of your Kindle reader. 


Step 2: Now, click on Settings. 


Step 3: Go to the Menu icon to click on it again.

Step 4: Choose Update Your Kindle. 

update your kindle

Step 5:Click on OK to confirm your request. After that, you will see a message – Your Kindle is Updating – on your screen. 

3. Examine the power cable 

Step 1: Plug your Kindle power cable into another device at home. 

Step 2: See whether another device is charging or not. 

Step 3: Change the power cable if another device is not charging. You can blame the charging socket for the issue if the other device is charging with that power cable. 

4. Inspect the charging socket 

Step 1: Make your Kindle go off 

Step 2: Remove the back cover and take a q-tip to remove any dust or gunk in the charging socket of your Kindle. 

Step 3: Soak another q-tip in isopropyl alcohol and use the soaked q-tip to remove the left residue in the socket. 

Step 4: Let everything inside the charging socket dry and place the cover on the Kindle reader. 

Step 5: Try charging the device. 

Step 6: Change the charging socket if your device does not start charging.     

5. Check the battery and replace it if required 

Step 1: Open the back cover of your Kindle reader. 

Step 2: Remove the battery to find out whether it has wear & tear, or any other defects. 

Step 3: Replace the battery if it has any defects. 

Step 4: Call the Amazon customer care representative to get the battery repaired or replaced if your Kindle is in warranty period. 

6. Warm up your Kindle battery 

Extreme weather conditions, especially cold days, might slow down your device. Warming up the battery could resolve the issue. For this, you can place your Kindle reader inside your jacket or in a thick case to isolate it from the cold.  

7. Remove the protective case 

Step 1: Have a close look at the protective case to know whether it is restricting the charging or covering the charging port. 

Step 2: Plug in the charging cable without the case if you see it as a reason behind the charging issue. 

8. Reset your Kindle

Step 1: Tap on your Kindle screen if you are reading a book. Avoid doing it if you are on the Homepage of your Kindle reader. 

Step 1: Find the downward-facing arrow icon.

Step 2: Click on the icon to open the control panel.

Step 3: Now, tap on All Settings.

all settings

Step 4: Click on Device Options. 

device options

Step 5: Touch on the Reset option. 

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