How to Fix Purple Screen on Android and iPhone

Fix Purple Screen phone

You have just met with an accidental dropping of your Android smartphone or iPhone. It could be annoying or stressful for you. The dropping can lead you to have a purple screen on your mobile. And just after a few minutes, the complete screen of your smartphone could go purple that can make your device useless for you. It usually happens with iPhones or Android phones of brands like Samsung and OnePlus. Before you visit a respective service center in your locality, you should fix purple screen on your Android or iPhone with the following tricks:

Reboot Your Smartphone 

To reboot your Android phone, take the following steps:

  • Tap on the notification center after swiping down your device. Do the swipe down from the Home screen again for the expansion of its toggle menu. 
  • Choose Restart after tapping on the Power button.  

To reboot your iPhone, you need to:

  • Press the Power and Volume keys together and wait for the appearance of the Slider menu.
  • Use the Slider menu to turn off your iPhone. You can press the Power button again to turn it on again.

Separate Your Smartphone from Other Devices

Usually, you connect your Android phone to external devices, such as USB drives, SSDs, and micro-SD cards. The availability of a USB Type-C port makes you able to connect your iPhone, especially iPhone 15 or later to external drives. These external devices could make your smartphone have a purple screen if they are corrupted. So, you should disconnect your phone from an external device soon as you notice anything wrong. 

Examine the Purple Screen 

Before you move to examine the purple tint, you must make your device be in safe mode.

  • Go to the quick settings to access the Power button and press it to Shut it down. 
  • Reboot your Android smartphone to Safe Mode. It will prohibit all the third-party apps from running on your mobile. Find the culprit by this step if you are unable to see a purple screen manually.  

To check whether your phone is stuck in Safe Mode or not, you need:

  • Choose all the installed apps after going to Settings and opening Apps. 
  • Find the app you have recently downloaded. Uninstall it after tapping on it and choosing Uninstall.   

Avoid Overclocking Your Android Phone

Overclocking your Android phone multiple times can make it have a purple screen. To fix this issue, you reboot your mobile and avoid such a habit/practice. 

Check the Temperature of Your Android Phone or iPhone

The temperature of your Android smartphone or iPhone increases due to a long usage for video recording/watching or playing games. To safeguard your mobile from extreme heat and any damage caused by increased temperature, you should let it have short breaks and cool down. 

Factory Reset Your Android Phone or iPhone

You should move ahead for factory reset when you notice none of the above-mentioned steps is helpful for you. To factory reset your Android device, you need to:

  • Go to the Settings apps, scroll down the displayed options, and choose the Reset option. 
  • Follow the instructions appearing on your screen after selecting Erase all data. 

To factory reset your iPhone, you need to:

  • Move ahead to General after opening the Settings app on your device. 
  • Choose Reset or Transfer iPhone. 
  • Click on the option, Erase All Content and Settings. 

Sort out Hardware Damage 

Any damage to the hardware of your smartphone can make it have a purple screen. Consult a technician or visit a service center in your locality to know what hardware issue your device has and get it replaced or repaired. 

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