5 Easy Steps to Leave a Video Message in FaceTime on iPhone

Usually, you worry when someone does not pick up your call. Now, you do need to worry about your unanswered call because the FaceTime app on your iPhone allows you to leave a video message. This feature is a good addition to iOS 17 devices. However, you can use this feature by updating the operating system of your iPhone/iPad if it is a 2018 model.  

Make a FaceTime Call from Your iPhone

Step 1: Open the FaceTime application on your device. 

FaceTime application

Step 2: Touch and click the New FaceTime button.

New FaceTime button

Step 3: Or click on a contact displayed on your screen. 

contact displayed

Wait Until Your FaceTime Call is Declined

Step 1: Call the selected contact. 

Step 2: Wait until a person declines or is unresponsive to your call.

Step 3: Click on the Record Video option. 

Wait for the Countdown 

Step 1: Have a close look at the count down as it appears on your screen. 

Step 2: Let the countdown reach 1 from 5. 

Step 3: Click on the Pause button as the video recording appears automatically if you are not prepared for recording the call. Otherwise, move ahead to recording a video message on your iPhone. 

Record Your Video Message

Step 1: Start recording your video message. 

Step 2: Click on the red button as you finish recording your video message. 

Step 3: Now, touch the arrow sign as the button turns into an arrow. This touch will send your video message to the selected contact. And the recipient will get a notification in this regard.  

Step 4: Click on the Play button to watch what you have recorded before sending it. 

Step 5: Touch the Retake option if you are not satisfied with the video message quality.

Step 6: Click on Save if you want to save a video message.

Step 7: Touch the Cancel button if you want to abandon the whole process.  

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