How To Turn On and Off Vibrate Mode On iPhone 15! (iOS 17 Updated)

When you are in a meeting room, or discussing something important with your close or known ones, you put your iPhone in the silent mode. You do it to have no interruptions. Keeping your Apple phone on silent mode prohibits you from listening to any ringtone or alert sounds. It is extremely helpful when you do not want any disturbance. However, some of you love to make your Apple’s smartphone vibrate even while keeping it on silent mode.   

Steps to Make iPhone Vibrate on Silent Mode 

  • Unlock on iPhone and go to the Settings application to open it. 

settings iphone icon

  • Choose Sounds & Haptics from the displayed options. 

  • Now, go to the Haptics and choose the Play in Silent Mode option. On iPhone 16, you need to choose the Play Haptics in Silent Mode option.  

haptics play in silent mode

  • Choose Vibrate on Silent if you own an iPhone 15. 

Steps to Make iPhone Not Vibrate on Silent Mode 

  • Open the Settings app on your Apple’s phone. 
  • Scroll down the displayed options and choose Sounds & Haptics. 
  • Turn off Play in Silent Mode on your iPhone 17, Play Haptics in Silent Mode on your iPhone 16, and Vibrate on Silent on your iPhone 15.  

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